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     A clown kidnaps Virginia coach Ken Calhoun's nine year old twins from his evening basketball practice.  His daughter escapes.  His son disappears along with other high profile child-athletes throughout the U.S.
     Ten years later Calhoun coaches the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team, captained by his All-American daughter.  His Olympic Dream is shattered as he battles his own government and its array of high tech drugs to keep his team clean.  Losing is not an option.  When the East Germans demolish the heavily favored Russians in the preliminaries, Calhoun's dream explodes.  STATE PLAN DYAD had worked.  But had the East Germans gone too far?  Way too far?    
     Calhoun's attempt to reclaim his son not only propels the Olympics to the edge of collapse, but provokes a Cold War gridlock which threatens world peace.

          1980 - POWS STILL IN VIETNAM

      On March 23, 1973 Richard Nixon said in a televised speech, "For the first time in 12 years, no American military forces are in Vietnam.  All our American POWs are on their way home."  He lied.  The Government knew American POWs were still imprisoned in Vietnam and they covered it up.
     In DYAD Sergeant Ham Brown and his band of Vietnam vets battle the coverup and their own Government to bring home the remaining POWs.  They do what they have to do, espionage, blackmail, kidnapping, deprogramming, whatever it takes.   
      Coach Ken Calhoun's Olympic Basketball Team goes along for the ride as Ham and Calhoun struggle to bring home the POWs, the Gold Medal, and Calhoun's stolen son.

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