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Karl Mearns is a retired high school physical education teacher, who spent most of his free time coaching and running youth athletic programs in his community.  He attended the University of Richmond and McMaster University.  His interests are sports, writing, antiques and art.  He resides in Southern Ontario.

His many years of teaching, coaching and single parenting, helped prepare the author for the emotional task of writing his novel DYAD.  He propels the reader through the full gamut of emotions as Coach Ken Calhoun and his daughter Kelly fight to reclaim  her lost twin brother.  Mearns coaching expertise is front and center as Calhoun battles the US and  East German governments and their array of high performance drugs.  He must keep his daughter's Olympic team clean.  But did the East Germans go too far?

                                          ON THE JUICE - EAST GERMANY AND THE OLYMPICS

    When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the truth came out about the East German State Doping Plan.  It was win at all costs.  No worry about short term effects.  No worry about long term effects.  No worry about any effects.  As a result many politicians, administrators, coaches, and doctors are either in jail or on trial for experimenting on child athletes, some as young as ten.  The State Pharmaceutical Company, Jenopharm, which produced the "vitamins", is being sued by hundreds of permanent health-damaged athletes.
    One East German athlete said, "For every gold medal, there are at least 350 invalids."

                                                            DYAD - THE DEPROGRAMMING

     Calhoun sat alone, slumped on the edge of the bed.  He lifted the J.T.S. Brown bottle from the floor and poured four fingers.  He flinched when Ply entered the room.  He picked up a glass and jutted it towards Ply.
     "What are you doing to my boy?" he said as he poured.
     "It's a war Calhoun.  A battle of intellects."
     "Irritational intellects."
     "For now," said Ply.  "A battle of wills."
     "Yeah but you're..."
     "They stole your kid Calhoun.  We're trying to get him back."
     Calhoun wiped his eyes.
     "How long?  I mean, how much more?"

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